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Allies: KATN

Enemies: XXK,B2K

Welcome to XK Recruitment Website

FROM THE ASHES WE HAVE RISEN, AN X AS OUR BANNER, BOTH LIFE AND DEATH FEAR US, WE ARE THE XTREAME KILLERS! HOOAH! Gaming is our lives we are xtreame killers we are xtreame and we are soldiers We fight for honor and justice We are a family, brothers in arms, bound together in trust and loyalty. If you are here to join this family go to the rules page read them carefully make sure you understand them then go to the recruitment page and fill out the form (only for non members of XK)

When you fill out our form you will have to wait atlease 48 hours to get a response from one of our recruitment officers who will contact you and if we let you in you will take a three day trial-member test.. wearing our tags before we let you in is a big no-no you will be given a lower case xk to show that you are being tested.

this isnt because we dont trust you but to see if you are really loyal or not.

and dont forget to like us on facebook
thanks and please respect our way 
*its XK or be kicked*